Why Business Travel by Private Jet is Productive

Reason why should use private jet for Business Travel

Travelling for business can be exciting, but if flying with a commercial airliner, it can also be stressful and tiring. One solution to this problem could be hiring a private jet. While you may associate private jet travel with multinational corporations or wealthy celebrities, rental companies are making this type of travel more accessible and affordable.

Rather than the expense of ownership, with private jet charter operators, you can simply hire and fly. Because of this, travelling in this way can benefit businesses, particularly in terms of productivity.

Fewer Hours Away from the Office

When flying with a commercial airline, the total travel time is longer than the flight itself. With a check-in window, endless lines at security, long layovers between connections and the wait to collect baggage, businesses can waste precious hours.

Flying privately can resolve this, with company employees able to arrive and board just before departure, as there is no security queue or check-in to complete. This means less time away from the office, resulting in more productive working hours.

More Convenient Locations

In addition to less time away from the office, small private jets are able to depart and land at a wider range of airports. This includes small private airfields, allowing employees to take off from more convenient locations, reducing overall travel time. This means staff can go from a meeting, board a flight and go straight into another meeting upon arrival.

Privacy and Productivity

Providing a private and comfortable environment, a private jet allows employees to be more productive during flights. From discussing strategies to preparing a presentation, time in the air can be spent wisely. In addition, with more comfort and room to stretch, staff can arrive feeling relaxed and refreshed – ideal when they need to impress a new client.

Choose Your Flight Times

When choosing this method of travel, there is no need to work your schedule around pre-selected times and flights. Instead, your business is in control, able to select the times, dates and departure points that suit. This means the ability to arrange flights at your company’s convenience.

Easier Booking Process

When booking with a standard airline, you are often required to select individual seats. Some of these can cost more than others which could push the overall budget up. While if booking late, there may be limited seating left and staff may have to fly separately, which could add to the hours spent outside the office.

Instead, chartering a private jet allows a company to book one flight to accommodate all staff, with different capacities available depending on requirements.

As you can see, travelling in this method has the potential to boost employee productivity. While hiring a private jet can be expensive, if your business can afford it, the benefits could outweigh the additional cost.