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Aircraft Operation

As ICAO partnership, San Marino do the validation of ICAO Licensing includes for Pilot and Engineer within 2 days or less for period up to 2 years for CAT II & III Operations.For others operational approval, we can assist your submission not limited to RVSM Operations, PBN, NAT HLA, ADS-B, EFB, ADS-C/CPDLC with the cost more exclusive compart to others than CAA.We can provide Pilot and Engineer contract for your requirement and need.

Aircraft Maintenance

EASA is put the scope of maintenance includes Line Maintenance & Airworthiness. We can do Airworthiness Monitoring as part of our service for management and liability to make arrangement with Maintenance Organizations.

San Marino accepts the MRO under FAA & EASA approval and not required you to recruit your own engineer.

As recommended practices, the owner of the aircraft need to subscribe the benefits of manufacture airframe, engine & avionic membership to guarantee that your aircraft has worldwide guarantee. And we can do that to put the agreement directly between owner and the manufacture itself.

Aircraft Cost Controller

The more serviceable aircraft, more utilization, more benefits you get when you have available aircraft in airworthy with efficient cost.  Travya is committed to manage your aircraft as transparent as you want to use it. We want to put this cooperation as a trusted partnership.

In summary, the phase for the cost are Pre-operation Cost for re-registration within valuable duration and Monthly Cost include Fixed Cost for Service & Airworthiness and Actual Cost for Operation & Maintenance with original evidence.We also can provide you an annual budgetary, Financial Report not limited for Commercial and Private calculation as an asset.


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